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 Court Decision W69-2005, Marine Farm Penguin Bay, Marlborough Sounds

Court Decision W69/2005, Resource Management Act
Jim and Rose Elkington Family Trust and an associated company Te Kawau A Toru Development Ltd wish to establish a 30.25ha marine farm at the southern end of Penguin Bay on the eastern side of d'Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds.

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Kidson Evidence Tasman District Outstanding Natural Landscapes and Features for Environment Court 2007

The Friends appealed the removal by the Tasman District Council of areas described as Landscape Priority Areas and Rules relating to these in 2000.  In 2007 we commissioned Liz Kidson of Kidson Landscaping in Nelson to prepare evidence on the landscape values (s6 (b) Resource Management Act 1991 Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes) for the coastal areas of Tasman District for the Environment Court hearing. This hearing was not finalised due to various mitigating factors. Council and the Friends reached an agreement out of Court which in involved completion of work on landscapes by Council by 2002. To date (August) this work has still not been completed.  A Landscape working group has been established for Golden Bay only and the Friends have a representative on the small Golden Bay Working Group (which will report to a larger group and in October 2014 to Council).  The process then to be followed by Council will be the preparation of a draft policy plan change, submissions from the public, a further submission phase and then hearings.   Hearing decisions may be appealed to the Environment Court.   A timeline for assessment of the remainder of the Tasman District is not yet available from the Council, despite commitments made to the Friends. 

Below are documents relating to the (discontinued) Environment Court hearing 

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